Registration of Calculators



 Registration of Calculators

For all UGPMET students who have successfully enrolled in the Military Technology Courses, please bring along a calculator (model must be in the approved list) and register with SAF-NTU Academy’s office from 31 May 2017 onwards, within office hours from 9.00am -11.30am; 2.00pm - 4.30pm and get the NTU Calculator Seal.

You may click here to check the approved list of calculators.

You may click here to check the disapproved list of calculators.

All Calculators used in the examination hall must be checked by the school and affixed with an NTU Seal. Calculators that are not registered or do not have a seal will not be allowed in the examination hall. Please click here on rules on use of calculators at exams.

Graphic calculators are allowed for use in the GCE ‘A’ Level Curriculum from 2006. For consistency, the University has allowed the use of graphic calculators with effect from S1 AY 2006-07 examinations. You can refer to the list of graphic calculator models allowed by MOE here.

Students are responsible for clearing any information and/or programs stored in their graphic calculators before the examination. All graphic calculators approved for use must be reset i.e. ALL Memory cleared; and SD card must be removed (where applicable), prior to any examination. A candidate who takes into the examination hall a non-approved calculator or an approved calculator or an approved graphic calculator that has not been reset will be deemed to have a committed an act of cheating and may be expelled from the University.

More Information can be found on COE First Year Engineering's Website here.